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iranplastic    is a company that specializes in plastic pallets production in Iran. Now a days, there is a competitive market in this filed and between inner manufacturers of plastic pallets. So that, Pallet plastic Iran to compete with rivals, is focused on customer satisfaction.

Fortunately,Iran Plastic pallet Iran produces all kinds of plastic pallet (industrial plastic pallet, hygienic plastic pallet), second-hand plastic pallet, any kinds of plastic containers and boxes of plastic pallet and etc. Due to the high quality of our products, we have many customers, which are our honor and pleasure. Plastic pallet Iran to manufacture its products use the best kinds of Instruments and equipment. So that because of using these modern equipment, we are manufacturing high quality plastic pallets.

For more information about different types of plastic pallets ,contact iran plastic pallet Iran company. We can help you to buy the most suitable plastic pallet that you need

 all so iran plastic company  produces all types  of nylon nylex cellophane shrink stretch ,nylon stretch ,stretch film, stretch pallet strap , shrink cellophane, shrink film ,colored shrink, packaging shrink,food cellophane ,pallet wrap cellophane,matte and glossy cellophane ,industrial nylon , agricultural and greenhouse nylon, nylon print,vacuum nylon,patterned nylon,industrial nylon,packaging plastics ,adhesive plastics,bubble plastic , printed nylex , bubble nylex , polyethylene film,polyethylene bag,   and is ready to provide services to customers by using capable workforce and the latest technology in the world and a monthly production capacity of 2000 tons of polyethylene pruducts



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